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"Gat conceives the body of the woman as a choreographic exercise always flowing and changing. The body is a dominant motif of the composition, envisaged from different angles, lying within landscape or an inner space, erotic or subject to objectification."

Irit Levin, Curator

Eliahu Gat / Tributes 2017


"Gat is primarily a generous artist, brimming with unadulterated, voluptuous love for humanity. His model paintings are an intimate encounter that may or may not be of a personal nature. His passion for painting is felt at once with a sense of eroticism, owing to the sumptuous brushstrokes, and the human warmth, which stands the test of time."

Gidi Smilansky, Curator

Eliahu Gat / Tributes 2017



Eliyahu Gat
Eliyahu Gat


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