Eliyahu Gat was one of Israel's greatest painters.  He was a tempestuous colorist and a delicate draughtsman, an artist of wild and creative self expression, an incorrigible lover of Israel's landscapes.  Gat was also one of the founders of the Group of Ten and its unofficial leader, a participant in the Tatzpit Israeli Drawing & Sculpture exhibition, a founder and leader of the Aklim Group, winner of the Dizengoff Prize for Painting, an admired educator of numerous students, the initiator of many artistic endeavors, and an intellectual who filled a valid cultural position among the array of local artistic talent.​


Eliyahu Gat was never part of the canon, and never followed the prevailing fashions, but created from personal artistic awareness and a solid cultural position in the artistic arena, a position that was sometimes the target of criticism, but was never less than courageous. In this way Eliyahu Gat's work became one of the elements that fought for a heterogeneous field of art and thus broadened the cultural arena, making it more varied and more critical.

Eliyahu Gat – from the past​

Eliyahu Gat, one of the most important and admired artists of his time, was a generous creator, full of direct and sensual love of people.  His work and his educational and artistic legacy made a unique contribution to Israeli culture. Eliyahu Gat was a teacher and educator for generations of students at the Bat Yam Institute of Art, the College of Art, and many other institutions.  We invite you to discover the real Eliyahu Gat through a documentary about him.​

Eliyahu Gat
Eliyahu Gat


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